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  • 2023 October

    2023 October

    For the first time in Tzu Chi Secondary School’s decade-long history, we held a student exchange program with our sister school in Tainan. Around 25 students came to Jakarta for a week, where they visited different schools, did community service, and had significant cultural exchange with the locals here.

    At the same time, Indonesia Tzu Chi School and Tainan Tzu Chi School signed an MOU to provide the two schools with more exchange opportunities in the future.

  • 2023 August

    2023 August

    As our graduates move on to the next stage of their journey when they go to university, we are confident that they will bring with them, not only the skills that they honed in their classes, but more importantly, the values that they learned as Tzu Chi School students. We wish our graduates all the best, and we are confident that they will be successful in their future endeavors. Congratulations and more blessings to our Class of 2023!
  • 2023 April

    2023 April

    This year, the school invited parents to share about their jobs, offering a unique and interactive learning experience for the kids. The parents covered a diverse range of occupations, related to leather crafting, floristry, jewelry design, medicine, light engineering, entrepreneurship, banking, painting, yoga instruction, and more.
  • 2023 January

    2023 January

    Pertunjukkan amal drama musikal oleh Departemen Bahasa Indonesia dan Seni ini telah memukau sekitar 600 lebih penonton melalui harmonisasi drama, musik dan panggung. Siswa dan siswi berkolaborasi dalam menyalurkan dan mengembangkan bakatnya untuk menghasilkan pertunjukan yang spektakuler, mulai dari para aktor dan aktris, tim paduan suara, tim panggung dan properti, tim kostum, tim tata rias, bahkan sampai penerima tamu. Antusiasme yang tinggi terlihat jelas melalui energi yang diberikan pada sa
  • 2022 October

    2022 October

    Returning to school is both challenging and exciting, especially after two years of home-based learning. Meeting new people and adjusting to the so-called normal school life can be overwhelming.

    As Master Cheng Yen once said, "True skill is persistence despite difficulties," we are confident that with proper guidance and determination, our children can push through this transition period.

  • 2022 July

    2022 July

    Graduation Ceremony 2022

    Time flies! After completing 4 years in the IB Middle Years Programme and 2 years in the IB Diploma Programme, Grade 12 students are finally graduating. This year, we were finally able to conduct the graduation ceremony offline.
  • 2022 April

    2022 April

    Early Childhood Bamboo Pouring

    Tzu Chi Early Childhood is gladly participating in The Great Kindness Challenge, a program presented by Kids for Peace, a global non-profit organization dedicated to creating a culture of kindness and compassion.
  • 2022 January

    2022 January

    Term 2 Hybrid Learning

    After nineteen months of Home-Based Learning, Tzu Chi Primary School opened its doors to students in October 2021. Several health protocols are strictly implemented.
  • 2021 OCtober

    2021 OCtober

    A Decade of Tzu Chi School

    Countless happy memories flashed back as it brought all of us to the moment when we used to gather in the canteen for lunch together.
  • 2021 June

    2021 June

    Congratulations Graduate Class of 2021

    Tak terasa, waktu berlalu begitu cepat. Setelah menyelesaikan 4 tahun di program IB MYP dan 2 tahun di program IB DP, Siswa-siswi kelas 12 pun akhirnya merayakan kelulusan mereka.
  • 2021 April

    2021 April

    Tzu Chi Secondary School got the opportunity to hold our 2nd Fun Activity.

    The activity held was a fun cooking session, facilitated by our Head Chef of Tzu Chi PIK, Chef Jhony. Chef Jhony has been dedicating his talent and skills in cooking for Tzu Chi for more than 22 years.
  • 2020 December

    2020 December

    In a group, the thoughts of each individual can greatly impact the group as a whole.

    In the past, people living in the countryside would store water in large ceramic pots. After letting it settle overnight, there would be clear water to drink the next morning.
  • 2020 February

    2020 February

    “What do you want to be when you grow up?”

    That’s a question we always love to ask our children. Think about all of the exciting careers our children would love to have when they grow up. Children today dream of being a “grown up” and doing incredible things.

  • 2020 January

    2020 January

    Purity in Body, Speech, and Mind

    When people experience an accident, some will attribute it to their karmic retribution. In facing both positive and negative karma, we should work hard to eliminate wrongdoings and do good deeds.
  • 2019 December

    2019 December

    Cultivating Good Habits

    Habits are hard to change, but we cannot neglect changing them just because it is difficult. For every good thoughts we have, we will have one less bad thought.
    If we can change our bad habits, then we will surely be able to cultivate good habits.
  • 2019 November

    2019 November


    In Parents merely have responsibilities toward their children, not ownership over them. We should remain at ease and let go of our expectations on how our children should behave. We should give our children our blessings and help them to form good aspirations.
  • 2019 October

    2019 October


    In honoring the Indonesia Heritage Week that was held from October 23-25, 2019, it is important for us to get to know and understand one of our most well-known culture: Batik.
  • 2019 September

    2019 September


    Activities such as reading and storytelling are good to build children's literacy skills, especially in the early years. It encourages them to listen and understand words, and enrich their vocabulary.
  • 2019 August

    2019 August


    Inilah Indonesia. Mungkin itu frasa yang tepat disematkan dalam memaknai kegiatan Departemen Bahasa Indonesia selama bulan Agustus ini.
  • 2019 May-July

    2019 May-July


    Guru-guru Tzu Chi School Berpartisipasi dalam ‘Bedah Rumah’
  • 2019 March-April

    2019 March-April


    During the visitations, students were not only able to tour the orphanage, but also able to bond with the orphans through games, Shou-Yu performances and lunch.
  • 2018 December - 2019 February

    2018 December - 2019 February


    Every Friday morning, all EC teachers and staff have a short exercise at 7.15 AM in the butterfly garden. The exercise is led by Wen Jing Laoshi. Why is it important to exercise in the morning? First, the fresh air in the morning provide a lot of oxygen to the body,
  • 2018 October

    2018 October


    The Ragunan Zoo also provided informative sessions for our upper primary students. Our field trip also would not be as fruitful as it was without the support and help from Daai Mama.
  • 2018 September

    2018 September


    Tzu Chi School Primary 6 students visited the Anatomical Museum of FK UNIKA ATMA JAYA at Jl. Pluit Selatan Raya, Jakarta Utara, August 21 and 28, 2018.
  • 2018 August

    2018 August


    Manusia sebagai mahluk sosial selalu membutuhkan teman dan bersosialisasi. Hal itu dapat kita lihat bahwa kita membutuhkan keluarga kita, hidup bertetangga dan juga ketika kita bekerja.
  • 2018 June-July

    2018 June-July


    Setiap tahunnya TK Tzuchi selalu mengadakan kelas Seni Teh. Progam kelas Seni Teh ini dimulai sejak tingkat KB hingga TK B. Untuk tingkat TK B, kami mengundang orangtua murid untuk ikut serta dalam kelas ini.
  • 2018 May

    2018 May


    Tzu Chi Primary School had its Sports Day on April 4, 2018 to showcase the students’ talents in sports, such as Basketball, Soccer, Swimming, Running, and Obstacle game.
  • 2018 April

    2018 April


    On March 12-24, 2018, Tzu Chi Secondary girls’ football team joined in the Sekolah Pelita Harapan (SPH) football CUP.
  • 2018 March

    2018 March


    The Jing Si Aphorism Competition is an annual event organized by Tzu Chi Primary School in collaboration with the graphic arts product suppliers.
  • 2018 February

    2018 February


    On 28 January 2018, Tzu Chi Secondary school celebrated Cultural Week. The objective of this event was to gain an understanding of other cultures and traditions.