2018 October


During the last three days of school, the students were very excited as they walked into the school's building. The field trip, adjoining with Math and Science Week, is always the most awaited event by most of our students.

The Ragunan Zoo also provided informative sessions for our upper primary students. Our field trip also would not be as fruitful as it was without the support and help from Daai Mama.

 Table of Contents

慈济幼儿园的人文课程除了品格教育外也着重于 日常的生活技能部分,从入学到现在,学生们也 学会了不少生活技能,例如 : 整齐地摆放鞋子、 穿脱袜套与袜子、洗手六步骤、 正确刷牙等。老 师透过故事及活动体验的方式引导学生,使其能 够独立完成这些事情,学会独立。
EARLY CHILDHOOD: Tips dan Cara Mendidik Anak yang Baik, Benar dan Efektif di Usia Emas
Pelatihan untuk pengasuh adalah salah satu program dari sekolah Tzu Chi yang diadakan setiap 3 bulan sekali. Tujuan dari pelatihan ini tidak lain adalah untuk menunjang pendidikan yang di dapatkan dari sekolah agar bisa ditularkan di rumah. Dalam rumah peran pendidik diisi oleh orangtua, sesudah itu adalah para pengasuh.
PRIMARY SCHOOL: Maths and Science Week 2018
The theme Wonder, Explore, and Discover of Maths and Science Week (MSW) evolved around these questions. Rather than teachers answering them – the booths and the exhibitions were designed to let the students find the answers themselves through hands-on exploration.
SECONDARY SCHOOL: Mooncake Festival Celebration
Today maybe we don’t always celebrate it the way they did in the past, but we surely can still share the joy of this festival with our families and communities, just like what Tzu Chi secondary students did in their Chinese classes.