Tzu Chi School
Frequently Asked Questions
Why do Tzu Chi School students have to practice vegetarianism at school?

Scientists expect people to practice simple lifestyle to help decrease the Global Warming. They also expect people to be vegans because not only is it healthy, but it also is one of the ways to save the Earth by decreasing the carbon emission from stockbreeding. Everyone has to respect other beings lives so that we can live in balance.

A lot of people are worried that by being vegan, we will lack of vitamins and minerals, while in fact, by being non-vegan we can also lack of vitamins and minerals. It is only about a balanced diet. Being non-vegan doesn't mean we can have a balanced diet and vice versa. By being vegan, vitamins and minerals can easily be added, while consuming meat will produce toxin which is hard to expel from the body.

Is it possible that our children will be "too kind"?
This is a wild world. We don't want our children to be "too kind" and easily fooled because they are very humble, full of love and patience.

This is the love from parents to their children, expecting children to be kind, but can still protect themselves. Education at school and in the family are both important and have to collaborate, which are then applied in daily lives. At school, students are taught humanistic values to students in order to be respectful, grateful, and generous. Aside from that, students are also taught to know what is right or wrong, good or bad, how to be not only smart, but also wise.

If all schools educate their students in the right way, the society will be peaceful, will have more generous people, and will be safe and worry-free.

Why are the fees at Tzu Chi School very high?
Isn't Tzu Chi a humanistic social organization? Tzu Chi is supposed to help people get good education.

We have done researches and comparisons with other schools. We believe parents understand that in order to provide good education and to get quality educators (both domestic and foreign), school needs adequate financial support.

The Tzu Chi's education mission is not to get profit, but merely to maintain good quality so that education can be sustained which makes students no longer have to go abroad to get better education.

Supported by good facilities, we believe that good results will be produced with Tzu Chi's concept and quality of education, and in the future parents can understand it. Once again we emphasize that Tzu Chi School doesn't look for profit, it is also not an elite school, but a school with international standard.

Do Tzu Chi School students have to be Buddhist?

No. Tzu Chi School respects all religion. Religion classes will be given starting in Primary 1. Students will attend classes based on their religion. Tzu Chi School has teachers from different religion backgrounds.

Does Tzu Chi School give discounts to the underprivileged?

Tzu Chi Buddhist Foundation has two schools in Jakarta "“ Sekolah Cinta Kasih Cengkareng and Tzu Chi School "“ which are not different in term of education.

Sekolah Cinta Kasih Cengkareng is a trilingual school which follows the conditions set by the government, which one of them is to educate Indonesian students with good facilities, nurturing environment, quality teachers, low school fees, and subsidized by the Foundation. It offers scholarship too. It is accredited "A" from Kindergarten to High School.

Tzu Chi Buddhist Foundation also received the "Anugerah Peduli Pendidikan 2010" award from the National Education Ministry. Tzu Chi School, aligned with International Education, is also a trilingual school which follows the international education standard. In 2011, Tzu Chi School started the enrolment from Kindergarten up to Primary 3. Tzu Chi School currently offers scholarships for Primary 6 students that are going to Secondary School. Please contact us for more detail information.

Is Tzu Chi School an international school?

Tzu Chi School is registered as SPK school or known as "Satuan Pendidikan Kerjasama". Tzu Chi School follows the national curriculum, but applies curriculum with international standard and use international languages and teachers.

Why does Tzu Chi School teach some of the subjects from the national curriculum while it has international standard?

This is due to the newest rules set by the national education ministry which state that schools that accepts Indonesian students have to follow parts of the national curriculum.

Does Tzu Chi School have foreign teachers?

Yes, Tzu Chi School have foreign teachers, such as:

English based: Teachers from The Philippines and other countries
Mandarin based: Teachers from China
Moral Education: Teachers from Taiwan