2019 November


Year after year we are so happy to be surrounded by students and parents who care about us, and this day was no exception! Every year we have teacher's celebration in the school, with so many fun activities in the class for students, teachers, and parents to take part in.

This year, our morning activities were about how students treat their teachers in the class with help by parents, who lead the activities from morning until dismissal.

Starting at 8:35 am, teachers gathered in one place with fun activity for 30 minutes, included watching a performance by students. What the teachers didn't know is that while they were enjoying the performance, their students along with parents were preparing a surprise.

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“I Love My Daddy, I Love My Daddy, I Love My Daddy,

Yes, I do!

Here’s a kiss and a hug for you.

Thank you, daddy for all you do.

Happy Father’s day, Happy Father’s day, Happy Father’s day,

I Love You.”

Simple words but they mean a lot to the ultimate provider and superhero in our family. This children’s song reminds me of many things﹘reflections and realizations that there is no greater thing on earth that we can give to our father than a kiss and a simple hug while saying how much we love him. Those simple things are more than enough to ease the pain of his hard work.


To ensure the readiness of every member of Tzu Chi School in time of unforeseen circumstances, an annual fire evacuation drill was held on November 22, 2019. Working hand in hand with the Early Childhood and Secondary School departments, the simulation was conducted early Friday morning.

Panic and confusion described the atmosphere when the fire alarm rang, especially for younger children. However, the teachers’ presence of mind and knowledge of the evacuation procedure calmed the students.

Thanks to the effective system of communication of the school, the drill took no longer than 5 minutes before everyone was led to safety.


Confucius was a great teacher and philosopher who left a remarkable statement “I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand.”

This is one of the best principles that can be applied to learning Science, including physics. Given the abstract nature of the concepts, students may find physics boring and difficult, because they can’t readily see the content that is being taught; instead they are given complicated formulas to memorize and numbers to calculate, which many do not find interesting.

The second activity enabled students to earn gravitational potential energy points by seeing how high they could jump. This form of energy depends on a student’s weight (the impact of gravity on his or her mass) as well as on the height achieved. Some students chose to jump directly in front of a rope, while others ran up to the rope from a distance.

The Energy Race is an example of inquiry-based learning in class. Simple activities with a huge impact on learning effectiveness, memory retention, and in promoting selfled learning.