Tzu Chi School

Unique Features

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The Application of Polite Manners in Daily Life and educating students to have noble characters and manners.

"To control oneself and return to noble manner", is Tzu Chi philosophy to encourage individuals to live diligently, modest and polite to others. The main aim in founding the Tzu Chi School is to educate the students to appreciate the values of discipline, hygiene and courtesy. Tzu Chi School conducts Manner Class to educate the children with proper manner in their daily lives, such as etiquettes in dining, grooming as well as behaving themselves.

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Humanistic Culture Class is the special feature of the school which plants the seeds of gratitude and respect.

Tzu Chi School carries out the Tzu Chi Humanistic Class. In this class, students will learn the art of serving tea, flower arrangement, calligraphy, etiquette, and the words of aphorisms from Master Cheng Yen. Everything is done through thematic method to educate the students to appreciate the value of respect to all beings and things in the universe, as well as feeling grateful for everyone in the society.

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Applying the Aphorism teaching and emphasized on the best thinking and application method.

The learning process of Aphorism goes through 5 teaching stages: experience, storytelling, thinking, contemplating, and direct practice. This method will be applied by the form teacher and subject teacher periodically and integrated in other lessons. Through experiencing, children can apply the meaning of the aphorisms in daily life directly.

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To respect teachers and elders, improving character and manners.

Respecting teachers and elders is a long time tradition from old generation. Practicing good character and manners is an important thing in Tzu Chi. Tzu Chi School encourages children to be grateful and thankful for the good deeds received. This practice is usually done during Teacher's Day, Mother's Day, etc.

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Recycling, to realize, appreciate, and create blessings.

Tzu Chi School strives to be environmental friendly. We emphasize on reducing, reusing and recycling trash, and we always advocate the preservation of the ecology. Tzu Chi School educates the students to love and care for the environment through conducting activity in the recycling depot. Aside from realizing blessings, children must be able to create blessings themselves.

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Using Mandarin and English Language from early age, dividing them into small groups according to learning effectiveness.

Tzu Chi School is an international-standard school. Mandarin and English Language become the most important communication standard nowadays. This is the reason why Tzu Chi School emphasizes in using Mandarin and English Language teaching method.