2018 August


Manusia sebagai mahluk sosial selalu membutuhkan teman dan bersosialisasi. Hal itu dapat kita lihat bahwa kita membutuhkan keluarga kita, hidup bertetangga dan juga ketika kita bekerja. Salah satu refleksi bersosialisasi di lingkungan kerja juga adalah dapat atau tidaknya seorang individu bekerja dalam tim.

Untuk itu pada hari Jumat, 13 Juli 2018 PAUD Tzu Chi (KB dan TK) mengadakan pelatihan yang dibawakan oleh Wicky Andry dengan tema “Membangun tim kerja yang kokoh dan tangguh”.

 Table of Contents

Lombok Earthquake Fundraising Campaign
Ms Iing, Ms Caroline and Mr Dominic as leaders of the three schools went with some of their students who carried the donation boxes to the offices of Tzu Chi foundation. Liu Su Mei Shigu, accompanied by Guo Zai Yuan Shibo, Lin Li Ping Shigu and Jia Wen Yu shigu, on behalf of Tzu Chi foundation accepted the donation boxes and love from Tzu Chi School students and then encouraged students to always keep their kind heart.
EARLY CHILDHOOD: Art is So Exciting
It is really inspiring to learn that teachers should keep their curiosity and creativity when teaching. In other words, not only do teachers have to keep updating their knowledge/skills, they also need to be able to transform what they learn to a class and help students to learn more effectively.
PRIMARY SCHOOL: Starting Off This Academic Year
The first day of school is indeed the most anticipated day for the students and teachers. Every year, teachers are equipped with concise but meaningful training before beginning the school year. This year, the teachers training revolved around the theme of “Gratitude, Respect, Love” and teachers were challenged to apply and instill these values into their teaching practice.
SECONDARY SCHOOL: Individual and Society In The Know
Individuals and Societies Department has a wide array of units to learn this term. We want the students to be fully engaged in their learning experience through collaborative and interactive learning tasks and having fun as they learn.