2018 September


Tzu Chi School Primary 6 students visited the Anatomical Museum of FK UNIKA ATMA JAYA at Jl. Pluit Selatan Raya, Jakarta Utara, August 21 and 28, 2018.

Finally, the students had an opportunity to interact with medical doctors to deepen their knowledge of the human body.

 Table of Contents

Get the Love and Devotion Off the Ground
Because of the abnormal climate, different disasters happened in many places around the world. Everyone of us are from different countries, but we all share the same blue sky and the only earth. With the thought of living in the same global village, let us join our hearts and sincerely pray for a world of harmony and peace. May all the suffering be taken care of with love.
EARLY CHILDHOOD: Our Child, Our Future
Sharing is caring. Our knowledge is more useful when shared. Therefore, we facilitated parents to gain more knowledge and awareness of their child’s development. This seminar was held on August 9th. We shared how to help children to develop and maximize their potential.
PRIMARY SCHOOL: Diphtheria Vaccination & Dental Check-Up
Student’s well-being has always been Tzu Chi School’s priority. Hence, on August 9, 2018, we held a Diphtheria Vaccination event for registered primary students as a response to the diphtheria outbreak which happened earlier this year. During the vaccination process, doctors showcased their prowess in handling nervous students by comforting them through small talks before the injection was given.
SECONDARY SCHOOL: Mandarin Department
Debating is an activity that challenges our logical thinking, observation, language organizing and teamwork abilities.

辩论是一种挑战我们逻辑思维能力、观察能力、语言组织 能力、团队配合能力的活动。