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Tzu Chi Cup: Peace, Love, and Unity

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Thursday February 20th, 2020

  Tzu Chi Cup 2020

The atmosphere in the Tzu Chi Primary and Secondary buildings looked busy and lively. An unusual crowd gathered on Saturday, February 15. That day was the culmination of an inter-school competition held by Tzu Chi Primary School called 'Tzu Chi Cup' which was held across Tzu Chi School buildings. 


Tzu Chi Cup carries the theme 'Peace, Love, and Unity' in the hope that this competition between schools can be a place to hone the children's non-academic talents and build relationships between schools. "Hopefully through the Tzu Chi Cup, both children and teachers can get more friends, to unite in love," said Ms Caroline Widjanarko, Tzu Chi Primary Principal. 


Mr Soffy Fauziansyah, Tzu Chi Primary teacher who was in charge of the event, said that this activity was not only a place for students to show their abilities, but also to develop their character. "Activities like this can certainly develop children's character with values ​​such as sportsmanship, cooperation, and respecting one another."


Instilling good character values ​​in children has become a joint task for everyone, not just educators. Tzu Chi Primary School, as a school that upholds humanistic cultural values of gratitude, respect, and love also tries to introduce these values ​by using Jing Si Aphorisms by Master Cheng Yen as the theme for their drawing competition. Each grade level is given a different aphorism to be poured into beautiful drawings.


Trevalya Therico has not had time to wipe her sweat when she just finished competing, and won the basketball competition, she had to run to the primary school building to participate in the drawing competition. Her contribution at the basketball game caused her to lose the first 30 minutes to complete her drawing. Grade 5 students were given the Jing Si Aphorism: "By creating your own blessing land, you will be knotted with a blessing fabric for yourself".


Be grateful when people try to hold your back, for without them, you would not develop the strength that enables you to move forward ~ 

Jing Si Aphorism by Master Cheng Yen


Who would have thought, despite the minimum time, Trevalya managed to win second place. "I was really shocked, didn't expect to win because I saw others did make some good drawings too," she said.


The day before the final match, Trevalya and her teammates lost the basketball game. The victory achieved on the final day, with the win she took in the drawing competition can’t be happening without her great efforts and well-planned strategy. When asked about the efforts she took to win, her mother's love became one of her biggest encouragement.


"Obviously first and foremost, I prayed. However, the important thing was the praise and support that my mother gave me, that's what gave me the confidence to go through today."


Trevalya and her teammates also delivered a simple but meaningful message,"We have won but we must not be arrogant. Hopefully next year we can win again."


Schools as a means of educators are indeed required to support student achievement both in the academic and non-academic fields. This was also taken into consideration in holding the Tzu Chi Cup. "The work of a school is not only to develop and support children with academic potential, but also to develop students’ non-academic values and potential. This kind of competition could encourage them to practice as a means of self-verification," said Mr Fauziansyah. 

This year was the first time for Tzu Chi Primary School to hold an inter-school competition. Tzu Chi Cup was held from 13 to 15 February 2020. The competition tests talent and explores children’s non-academic skills in sports, arts, and information technology namely basketball, swimming, singing, drawing, and digital coding. There are more than 20 schools from Jabodetabek area participating in seven competitions, for a complete list of all winners please click here.