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Wednesday November 1st, 2023


Service-learning connects combines student learning in the classroom with real-world experiences in the community. Students who participate in it are more deeply engaged in their local communities, gain practical skills, develop their critical and reflective thinking skills. This opportunity enables students to show responsibility on their assigned roles and creates awareness of the problems and needs beyond the classroom as in different communities around them. 


During this term, students of Grade 7, 8 and 10 were involved in various meaningful experiences such as service at the Depo Pelestarian Lingkungan, collaboration with Tzu Chi Organization and interactive activities in other organizations which not only benefit the community but also enhance students learning abilities outside the classroom.


My involvement at the Depo Pelestarian Lingkungan has enabled me to understand the benefits of the recycling process of waste and improve my collaboration skills with friends during the sorting of waste based on different materials. This is a new experience which allows me to overcome challenges and consider the ethical implications of actions through awareness of the importance of saving the environment through this activity.

Leonardo Kurniawan - 7 Grateful


During my service experience associated with Tzu Chi organization as one of the volunteers of the Baksos Donor Darah, have enhanced my communication skills and adjusted well with others in an unfamiliar environment. There were times where I was able to overcome the challenges of recording data at a fast speed which enhance my confidence throughout the activity. The shigu was very helpful and I was also willing to learn new things as well as guiding other students on their assigned tasks. Overall, this experience was a great opportunity to learn new skills and look forward to participate again in the future. 

Gabriella Michelle Suryadi – 8 Grateful 


Engaging in this activity at Panti Werdha Sosial (Old Folks Home) has significantly helped with my personal development. My participation in this service action has increased my awareness by exposing me to new experiences and perspectives, contributing to the development of strong ethical values. Additionally, these activities have a global or societal impact, enabling me to develop intercultural understanding through engaging in conversations with old people. Which in turn, also nurtured my initiative, perseverance, and my willingness to embrace challenges and acquire new skills as I step outside my comfort zone where I collaborated well in cooperation with my classmates to create the best experience for them.

Kayla Felisha Ruslan – 10 Respect


This is one of the most fun Service experiences that I have ever experienced at an orphanage, Yayasan Uswatun Hassanah. We collaborated as a class in planning the activities and tried our best to face the challenges throughout the activity. Initially, we felt awkward being in an unfamiliar environment but as time flew, we interacted well with the children at the orphanage and had a good time. Being a leader in one of the groups, I was satisfied that the activities executed made the children happy and wide smiles appeared on their face. Overall, the event went well and I am also very grateful for the opportunity that Tzu Chi School give to us, to be able to experience such joyous activities that not many other could.

Felicia Eifelina – 10 Grateful