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Personal Project Exhibition 2022

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Wednesday August 10th, 2022

  Project Presentation

The Personal Project is the capstone assessment for all Tzu Chi Secondary Students looking to graduate from the Middle Years Program (MYP) into the Diploma Program.

It requires a student to assess their personal interests and identify an area they wish to obtain new knowledge in and improve themselves, which they designate their ‘Learning Goal.’ Students then have to decide upon a ‘Product’ to demonstrate the completion of their ‘Learning Goal.’ Over the course of six months, students research and teach themselves about their chosen area and end the process with a tangible object to show their hard work.

During the Personal Project Exhibition, students are given the opportunity to showcase their hard work and be proud of all that they have accomplished. This year’s Exhibition was done online through Zoom, with students able to present their work, live, to their peers, parents and supervisors, as well as take and answer questions on what they’d done.

This year’s projects were as varied and imaginative as ever before with students displaying new understanding and skills in numerous different ways. From a book where students collaborated on a story and the illustrations, to stop motion animations to calculus study guides and dioramas, the resilience, independence and determination of Tzu Chi Secondary students was on display as well as ever before.

To all Grade 10 Students, congratulations on your completion of the Personal Project process, and good luck in the next Academic Year and the Diploma Program. We believe in you.


Peter Whitfield

Personal Project Coordinator