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Tzu Chi School

Unique Features

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Educating the whole child.

"To control oneself and have noble manners" is a Tzu Chi philosophy which encourages individuals to live with regard for others, to be polite to others, and to be modest. Tzu Chi school was founded to educate the whole child, which includes the development of an appreciation for the values of discipline, social etiquette, personal hygiene and behaviour. These values are exemplified in one of our special classes called 'Manners Class' where our students engage with examples and practical approaches.

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Planting the seeds of appreciation and respect.

Tzu Chi was founded in Taiwan by Buddhist monk Master Cheng Yen who over the years has written many aphorisms (statements of wisdom). In our 'Humanistic culture class' class, students engage with these aphorisms through the study of calligraphy. This class also teaches our students the art of serving tea, flower arrangement and social etiquette. Underlying this class is a focus on educating our students to appreciate the value of respect for all beings and the environment as well as an appreciation for societal values.

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Learning and applying Master Cheng Yen's aphorisms.

Students at Tzu Chi Secondary School engage with Master Cheng Yen's aphorisms in 5 stages: experience, storytelling, thinking, contemplation, and direct practice. These stages can be found to occur in the students form room and periodically in certain subject lessons. It is envisaged that as our students gain an understanding of Master Cheng Yens's aphorisms, they can apply them in their daily life.

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Respecting our environment.

Tzu Chi Secondary School places great importance on the need to be environmentally friendly.Throughout the school we emphasize the 3 R's: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. The preservation of the natural environment is vital, and so our students learn from their first day here to love and care for the environment. From community service experiences through to our own recycling center, our students engage with and learn about the importance of preserving and assisting through thoughtful enquiry and positive action.