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Tzu Chi School

We aim to create an outstanding learning environment that:
1. Develops an ethical education.
2. Provides excellence and the opportunity for high achievement and the development of 21st century skills.
3. Provides an education that creates the opportunities for progression to further education.
4. Provides an education suited to the specific needs and strengths of all learners.
5. Develops life-long learners who are knowledgeable, effective communicators and enjoy learning through challenging situations.
6. Encourages active learning, open enquiry, critical and creative thinking.
7. Develops students understanding and responsibility for their own learning.
8. Fosters intercultural understanding and actions.
9. Provides clear assessment tasks, monitoring, recording and analysis of all learning to improve student achievement.
10. Ensures a continuum of learning.
11. Offers a rich extracurricular activities program.
12. Recruits, retains and develops top quality teachers worldwide.
13. Integrates technology to enhance the learning situation.
14. Develops, maintains and upgrades facilities for the community to enjoy.
15. Undergoes regular self-review and critical analysis.


Tzu Chi aims to create a modern learning environment.
We have deliberately chosen the International Baccalaureate Programmes which provide a holistic education.
We know that learners of the 21st Century need to have highly developed critical thinking skills, have the ability to research and evaluate information skillfully, need to develop leadership and collaborative working abilities and need most importantly to reflect on their own learning so that they can make progress.


The MYP and DP Learning Centers (two separate floors) are key learning areas in the School.
They include flexible learning areas for group and whole class activities alongside providing individual students with research opportunities.
The two Learning Centers are available for private study after school hours.