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Extended Enrichment Programs (EEP's) are regular activities after the normal teaching day has concluded. Through EEPs we aim to:

1.Enrich and extend what the school curriculum has taught.

2.Give experiences in new activities.

3.Develop personal leadership, team work and social skills.

4.Increase opportunities especially for Music and Sport.

5.Develop a commitment to the community with Service activities.

6.Have fun!

The EEP program will begin one month after the start of the new school year. Students and parents will be given the choice of activities during the first few weeks. Activities involving sport will involve a commitment to practice and competition matches.

Typical opportunities may include: Yoga, Aerobics, Tae Kwan Do, Football, Volleyball, Chess, Dance, Theatre, United Nations Assembly, extra English/Mathematics/Science, Homework club, Photography, Robotics, Swimming, Athletics, Student Ambassadors and Learning Centre opportunities.

After School Study Clubs

Every afternoon Tuesday to Thursday, there are study clubs conducted after school to support students who need help with their assignments/tasks/homework for their academic subjects. Teachers are on hand to provide guidance, advice and support to students.

Subject Support Classes

After school subject support classes are conducted for students who need extra specific assistance. These classes are conducted across the IB Diploma subjects where necessary so that students can work with their teachers for extra assistance and guidance.

For IB MYP, subject specific classes are also held, particularly in English and Mandarin for those students needing more teaching and learning time.