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Art and Digital Design Department

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Monday October 28th, 2019

  Art and Digital Design Department

Greetings from the Art and Design department Tzu Chi Secondary School! At the beginning of the term students at Tzu Chi Secondary School started with Art experimentation and exploration activities inside and outside the school. The grade 7 students have started with the activity with one of the elements of art to create an optical line illusion with thread into paper media. Meanwhile, the grade 8 students are creating a watercolor painting using natural shapes as fruits. The grade 9 students learned on portrait drawing by studying on how to draw a face with a pencil by dividing the face into 4 parts and the grade 10 classes did still-life drawing with the process stages of studying the image object.

In Diploma classes, 11th and 12th-grade students conduct weekend learning activities outside the classroom by visiting the artwork exhibition in the Dia'Lo'Gue Kemang Jakarta gallery. The objective here is in addition to learning how an artist makes an artwork from the initial stage to the final stage and also we conduct discussion activities to help our students critically in a work of art.

In the design class, the 7th-grade students have started with a project to make brochure design. In the early stages they studied the process of design cycle which is the core in design studies so that students understand that design processes. Grade 8 students started the project by designing the interior of a restaurant, in this case, students conducted the research process by examining ambiance as a restaurant that is comfortable for the customer. In grade 9 students learn how to design a mobile app that is intended to help a small company in terms of product marketing. In the 10th grade, students learn the next stage in the digital design, namely creating a website to help the school community so that they can easily find information about Tzu Chi

Pablo Picasso says, “Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we
grow up”

Mr. Auriga
Head of Art and Digital Design Department