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Wednesday November 1st, 2023


Grade 10 Got It: A Yogyakarta Trip!

Kenisha Candrika Liaw


As we embarked on our exciting journey to Yogyakarta, a quiet reflection echoed in our hearts: "In the face of impermanence, we should cherish all that we have." This sentiment subtly guided our experiences, making our Grade 10 trip more than an end-of-term activity.


Yogyakarta unveiled itself as a treasure trove of culture and heritage. The Borobudur temple, with its stoic presence and centuries of history, resonated deeply with the idea of cherishing our shared legacies. Amidst its vast stone structures and intricate carvings, we were reminded of life's transient nature and preservation's timeless beauty.


The batik mask-making workshop, with its molten wax and dyes dance, symbolized the transient beauty of moments coming together to form a lasting masterpiece. Through goat farming, we gained hands-on insight into the rhythm of nature, appreciating the delicate balance between giving and taking.


Our adventures with body-rafting and cave tubing emphasized embracing the present, understanding the ebb and flow of nature, and the joy found in fleeting moments. The silent ballet of Sendratari Ramayana emerged as a masterclass in unspoken narratives, teaching us the power of non-verbal communication and the myriad ways stories find their voice.


Reflecting on our journey, Yogyakarta offered more than sights and sounds; it presented a tapestry of experiences urging us to cherish each moment. Each activity, each interaction was a gentle nod to the importance of mindfulness and appreciation. As Grade 10 students, the essence of this journey resonated deeply with us. We got it!


With hearts full of gratitude and minds enriched with newfound wisdom, we move forward from this field trip, inspired to cherish our moments, experiences, and the world around us with renewed perspective