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The School Sports Team's Achievements in Term 3

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Monday June 5th, 2023

  The School Sports Team's Achievements in Term 3

Tzu Chi Secondary school strives to maintain the existence of our students’ participation both in regional and national-level competitions post-covid 19 conditions went better. Our coaches believe that sports teams should be a media where students are trained with a target to break their limits and make progress throughout the process. We realize that sometimes we win, and sometimes we learn.


In Tzu Chi Secondary school, students are not limited to only being physically trained in their respective sports. Students are also encouraged to cultivate the Tzu Chi values (gratitude, respect, love) with their teammates at school during the regular training and apply those values with their competitors during the competitions. Being an athlete is not always about the physical aspects but also about controlling their emotions when under pressure.


Below is the secondary school team achievement list from the external competition throughout this term. We are thankful for the students’ and coaches' contributions to making everything happen. Overall, it was a fantastic occasion with a great win for our team, but it is still a long way to go.