Independence Day Festival

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Tuesday November 6th, 2018

  Independence day festival EC

In this era of globalization where a variety of languages are being used more and more in our daily life, we need to remind ourselves that we cannot lose our identity as Indonesians. It has been 73 years since we proclaimed our independence and we have were proud to have been chosen as the host of Asian Games for this year. We in Tzu Chi School acknowledged this and were very excited to host an event that celebrates both independence and sportsmanship. That’s how we came up with the idea of joining the two major events, Independence Day and Sports Day.

We started the day by having a fun walk from the Early Childhood building to the soccer field placed in the Secondary building. Our principal, Miss Iing, gave her opening remarks and then we had a mass aerobics session led by Miss Atika, Miss Alexa, and Miss Marini. It was very mesmerizing to see thousands of parents and kids doing the aerobics together! The teachers prepared a lot of traditional Independence Day games for the students, such as tug of war, eating crackers, three-legged race and so on. The parents and students then picked which games they wanted to play. Mommies were taking pictures and videos, while daddies were helping the kids to play the games. Overall, it was a very exciting day despite the stinging sun. We hope the more days pass, the stronger the bonds get. Merdeka!

Belinda Christie