Together Everyone Achieve More “Teamwork”

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Monday August 20th, 2018

  Teachers also discussed why they succeeded or failed during this game.

Tzu Chi Early Childhood is a big family that consists of different individuals, who together make it special. As a big family, it is not easy to unify different individ- uals and work together. Luckily as Tzu Chi teachers, we are guided by Master Cheng Yen’s wisdom, which can be found in Master Cheng Yen’s Jing Si Aphorisms.

Tzu Chi teachers are always determined to motivate and improve themselves by sharing experiences or knowledge together. We had a game called “Blind snakes”. We split teachers into two groups – each group containing several teachers who formed a line. Teachers covered their eyes and only the teacher standing at the end of the line could see and give directions. Their task was to find an object and put it into a box with the guidance from the last teacher. All teachers were very excited and started to discuss different signals for the direction they would use since they had to keep silent.

After the game, teachers discussed the purpose of this game experience, which is Teamwork. Teachers also discussed why they succeeded or failed during this game. Each group shared their own opinion according to their experience with this game.

Reminded by Master Cheng Yen’s Jing Si Aphorism “When we treat others with loving kindness, we will not stir up ill feelings, and we will be able to form good relationships with others”, it is very important for us to understand that to have good teamwork, we need good communication based on respect and tolerance for each other.

This kind of activity or experience reminds us that, we, as Early Childhood Teachers, are an incredible team and we will always continue to give the best education for our children. Gan En.

By Lina Hon