Tzu Chi Primary School


Tzu Chi School follows National Curriculum and Cambridge Framework infused with Tzu Chi Humanistic Education.
We aim students to develop competency in 5 core subjects: Bahasa Indonesia, English, Chinese, Mathematics and Science. We also place a high emphasis on other subjects such as: Sports/ Physical Education, Arts, Information Technology, Social Studies, and all these are integrated with Humanistic Education.
Each lesson is carefully designed to attain our objectives of not only delivering knowledge but nurturing the young minds to become learners with noble character who will bring positive contributions to the society.


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Humanistic Values / Ren Wen Class

The basic principles of life should be the emphasis of today's education system. Those principles should be instilled in in the early stage of children's life. Educating is not only about providing knowledge, but also giving the opportunity to practise a range of daily life skills to instill the basic values of humanistic lifestyle in order to form them into good inviduals.

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Calligraphy Class (Starting from P5)

Calligraphy is Chinese culture which is to appreciate the beauty of the Chinese characters. In the era of advanced technology requiring fast pace on everything, being calm is one of the hardest things one person can do.Through calligraphy, children are able to learn self control, respect, meditation, and patience.

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Tea Ceremony Class

Tea Ceremony class gives students the opportunity to learn not only brewing tea, but also humanities, good behaviour, gratitude, elegant manners, self love, compassion, as well as the Chinese culture integrated within it.

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Flower Arrangement Class

Arranging flowers shows strength and beauty of life. Moreover, students learn to develop the inner beauty, elegance, and deportment. Flower arrangement practises the spirit of environmental protection as the materials used are from recycled things/products.