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Our Child, Our Future

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Friday October 18th, 2019

  Our Child, our Future

Sharing is caring. All of Our knowledge is more useful when shared. Therefore, we facilitated our parents to gain more knowledge and awareness of their child’s development. This seminar was held on August 9th . In this seminar, We also shared about how to help our children to develop and maximize their potential.
We may think that children are was born geniuses and have the capabilities to overcome every obstacle they may face. However, in reality, we can see that our children still depend on adults in every aspect of their lives, such as daily-life skills, solving problems, doing worksheets, and much more. We may question at times, “What happened to my child? Why are they not developing the same abilities the other children have?”
Let’s reflect on what have we give to our children during their developmental process. Our
children need to hear more affirmation than rejection to help them grow. So, changing our response to them will make a big difference. Instead of saying ‘no’, we can say “maybe we can try another one” or “we will come back another time for that”. It helps with their confidence, self-esteem, and their resilience when facing a problem.
In this seminar, we also shared about IQ, EQ, and AQ. IQ is a quotation used to measure the
intelligence, one’s ability to receive, reserve, and process information. We also heard a lot about EQ, which is one’s ability to recognize theirs and others’ emotions and feelings. Moreover, we have a lesser known quotation which is AQ. AQ is one’s ability to be able to withstand difficulties and overcome challenges.
For us to build all of that, we need to know that each of our children is developing in their
own way. Therefore, it is very important that we, parents and teachers, have the knowledge
about our children’s developmental stages. Especially when we work with young children in their ‘golden age’. We want to optimize their potential so they can develop accordingly to their age.
Ivah Levina Kosman

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