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Tzu Chi Early Childhood


Tzu Chi Early Childhood applies a thematic approach to teaching and learning. It involves integrating all subject areas together under one theme. This approach enables the children to retain more information through its continuous process, interactive activities anddeeper exploration into a concept.
The curriculum follows the national curriculum and Ren Wen (humanistic education) curriculum. It is designed to develop the child holistically through activities focusing on the six aspects of learning namely: Social and Emotional, Cognitive, Language, Motor, Religious and Moral and Art. Each class uses different learning areas and movable classes to further enhance the children's skills.

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The children are guided in understanding about self, family, friends and the surrounding environment. Theylearn different emotions and different ways to express their feelings and needs. They build awareness of their interests and strengths. As they grow, they learn to manage their emotions and behavior. The socializations skills are built to prepare them to function in their community and the world. They learn to motivate self and persevere, empathize with others, recognize differences, resolve conflicts and make their own decision. Our guidance counselor also goes to each class to teach children about different social skills.


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Children grow physically and mentally during early childhood. The school focuses on the process of learning. The children are given the opportunity to explore, discover and be active learners in class. Hands-on, experiential, interactive and collaborative activities are done in class. Learning also takes place when the children have games.


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In early childhood, children learn to understand, process and produce language. At Tzu Chi School, Nursery students learn two languages namely English and Mandarin. They learn the English alphabet, Chinese characters and vocabularies. They are able to identify, recognize pictures as well as follow instructions. In Kindergarten, the students begin to understand the meaning of words, use these words in their converstation and construct their own sentences eventually. They are also exposed to pin yin, Bahasa Indonesia and more complex English vocabularies and words.The language program allows the children to gain new vocabulary words through games, storytelling and interaction.


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Gross motor and fine motor skills are developed in the early years. Gross motor development refers to the large movement of the entire body. At school, the children are given a lot of opportunities to build their muscles. In Nursery, the children develop the ability to do locomotor activities (run, jump, hop, dance), throw/ and catch balls, as well as walk up and down the stairs with alternating feet. They also begin to push themselves around using ride on toys. Kindergarten children further develops their body and coordination. The children are more independent in performing locomotor activities, have more balance, better speed and strength. Both Nursery and Kindergarten also enjoy swimming class.

Fine motor development refers to the small movement specifically of the hands and fingers. In Nursery class, children develop their skills through hands-on activities. They use blocks/cups to build towers, use play dough to form figures, play with pegs, scribbles and traces using crayons/pencils, eat using spoon/fork, twist lids of containers, zip/unzip their bag, wiping the table. As they move to Kindergarten, their skills are refined. More complex activities such as buttoning/unbuttoning clothes, opening bottle lid without help, using chopsticks, sweeping the floor, drawingmore complex and detailed figures, writing within the line are some examples.


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Tzu Chi School is known for its humanistic education which focuses on developing moral values to children from Nursery to Kindergarten. Our Kindergarten 2 have Religion class as well. The children are made aware that values are fundamental to families and to communities in the world that they live in. They are guided through the process of reflection and critical thinking to understand different beliefs and values.


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This aspect of learning includes Art as well as Music and Movement. At Tzu Chi School, children become keen observers, creative thinkers and good constuctors. Part of the school's program is having different events where the children can show their skills.

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