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Tzu Chi Teacher Initiates a Donation Group to Help Medical Workers

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Monday May 11th, 2020

  Donation Group

When everyone gives their love, a crisis can be turned into an opportunity, and a misfortune becomes a blessing in disguise ~ Jing Si Aphorism by Master Cheng Yen


Ever since Indonesia announced its first confirmed cases in early March, the Ministry of Health in Indonesia has appointed a number of public hospitals to handle Covid-19 cases. With the number of confirmed cases growing rapidly every day, many hospitals struggle to equip themselves with Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Tzu Chi Primary School Head of Chinese Department, Mr Wang Wen Zhen with his fiance decided to jump in and help. On 27 March, he and his fiance decided to create Chinese Support Indonesia Aid Group (CSIAG) with 150 other people to gather donations, both in goods and in funding to provide PPEs for medical workers across Indonesia. 


Mr Wang’s fiance, Ms Silvia Margaretta couldn’t hold back when she heard many medical workers died while trying to save lives on the frontline. She started by raising some funds online to purchase 200 coverall suits online, where she managed to get more responses than she expected, including Chinese people living in China. 


“We are both just doing what we can do, we are thankful for the trust given to us by the donators,” said Ms Margaretta.


Most people during these challenging times would stay at home and protect themselves, some might be too scared to even visit the hospital. However, Mr Wang and his fiance brushed off their fear to assist Indonesian medical workers, “I wasn't scared to go to hospital becauseI have friends in China who are doctors. They have told me how to protect myself carefully, and all of the doctors need to go to the hospital everyday.”


The CSIAG donated a set of PPEs such as safety goggles, coverall suits, medical gloves, boots, face shield, and masks. So far, there are over 20 clinics and hospitals that have received the donations. Some of them are Dr Sulianti Saroso Hospital Jakarta, Soedarso Hospital Kalimantan Barat, Patria IKKT Hospital Jakarta, Taman Sari Hospital Jakarta, Kenten Medika Clinic Palembang, and Cinta Kasih Tzu Chi Hospital Cengkareng. 

Mr Wang also said for those who are privileged to stay at home, there are things that can be done to support our medical heroes. Even small gestures like buying fruits or food can mean a lot to these workers. “Safety is the most priority for everyone, even if you try to help others. You don’t need to go to the hospitals by yourself if you are scared, if possible you can just buy some food, fruits, or medical materials and send it to the hospital you want to help.”