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Tzu Chi Secondary Continues to Provide Comprehensive Learning at Home

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Wednesday April 29th, 2020

  Learning at Home

As we are entering the middle of Term 4 while being at home, children and teachers are gradually but surely adjusting themselves well into the home-based learning activities. Our efforts in establishing a comprehensive ‘online classroom’ has been a pretty good success since students’ learning activities remain stable and productive. 


Tzu Chi School continues to improve despite the challenges offered within the online learning programme, and have been delighted to receive some positive feedback from parents. Such success in holding online classes is not only owed to our teachers and staff but also to our students and their families. Students have adapted quickly and parents have been very supportive. This is a summary of a few out of many messages sent to Mr Dominic Robeau, Head of Tzu Chi Secondary School. 


A couple of parents praised Tzu Chi Secondary School for teachers’ ability to conduct tests in different subjects, showing that learning activities can be done as usual. Exercises during PE class were also done well online, “My kids are happy that they still could meet, learn and share jokes with teachers and  friends through google class room every school day,” said one parent.


One parent also praised our counsellors’ effort during the Personal and Professional Skills (PPS) class which encourages students to take their time off their gadgets and focus on life skills and relationships with family such as tidying up their bed, dance or chat with family members, as well as making their own food. “It’s very useful for their personal life later on. 

I would like to express my thank you to you and all teachers for the online learning so far and especially for the very detailed arrangements like above. It’s a very good learning process.”


Tzu Chi School is committed to continue providing a great learning experience during this uncertain time. We are grateful for the time and attention given by the school parents while we’re both working together in providing the best learning environment for our children. We are in this together.