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Thank You Da Ai Mama

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Monday May 11th, 2020

  Da Ai Mama

“A heart of loving kindness enjoys greatest happiness” ~ Jing Si Aphorism by Master Cheng Yen


In conjunction with the celebration of International Mother’s Day on 10 May, Tzu Chi School would like to thank our Da Ai Mama, with their pure heart and commitment, have given their unconditional love and service to our school children. 


Aside from teaching students life lessons, Da Ai Mama is also highly involved in students’ activities in the humanistic education classes such as flower arrangement and tea ceremony class. 


Across all levels of students from young children to teenagers, Early Childhood teachers dealing with toddlers and young children at large, having Da Ai Mama at school is a blessing. 


A deep feeling of gratitude was expressed by Ms Angelina Setiyadi, N1 Teacher. “I am thankful to have Da Ai Mama because for me who takes care of two classes for morning and afternoon, I definitely will struggle to handle them all especially during big events in Jing Si Hall or school field trip,” said Ms Setiyadi. 


Ms Setiyadi who has been teaching in Tzu Chi School for four years, admire the big heart and compassionate act by these Da Ai Mama, “I bet it’s not easy for someone to jump in and give their time to help take care of someone’s child.”


Similar feeling was also expressed by Ms Darlia, a K1 teacher who joined Tzu Chi School in this Academic Year. As someone new to the school and new to Tzu Chi’s environment, she was rather unaware of what Da Ai Mama was. “When my partner teacher told me that we will be assisted by Da Ai Mama, I didn’t get what she meant, but I just followed her,” she recalled. 


When the day arrived for her and her class to use the swimming pool, she came to the realisation of who Da Ai Mama was when a woman came in and helped her. She found Da Ai Mama’s presence at the swimming class to be very helpful, “We’re just two teachers and it’s difficult to watch over so many kids especially in the swimming pool when we need to be extra cautious, with Da Ai Mama, we can be more focused on each kids since they will also help watching over the kid,” Ms Darlia added. 


For Ms Darlia, being a Da Ai Mama is a form of service that is unconditional and no different to other volunteer work. “I think when someone has put their heart and commitment into becoming a part of Da Ai Mama, it must have come from their heart. Because it’s not easy to take care of others’ children, even taking care of our own children is a difficult job as it is.”


As was told to Tzu Chi Foundation Indonesia, Law Anik, a Da Ai Mama whose child is now at Secondary School, “Watching over so many kids and take care of them is not an easy task, when we learn to love others’ children as we love our own, it’s actually beautiful. I am so happy,” she said. 


Another Da Ai Mama, Minarni, also found taking care of other children is a form of learning. “Teaching one kid at home is different to teaching tens of children at school. I learn from their characters and learn to teach them with humanistic education, which teach me the purity of a child’s heart,”


We are thankful for Da Ai Mama and their loving kindness of becoming a mother to everyone. Happy Mother’s Day!