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Strengthen Tzu Chi School’s Relationship with other Mission

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Thursday March 12th, 2020

  EC donation to hospital

Tzu Chi foundation is known for its four missions: charity, medicine, education, and humanistic culture. Tzu Chi Early Childhood as one of the institutions carrying out Tzu Chi education mission, feels it is time to take a closer look and establish closer relations with other Tzu Chi missions: medicine. On this occasion, Tzu Chi Early Childhood wanted to show our love and support for Tzu Chi Hospital Indonesia by donating fifty million rupiah, which will be allocated for the procurement of hospital beds on Friday, March 6th.


"We can easily donate these to other institutions, but we thought, why don't we see the one closest to us and support Tzu Chi's health mission? It means we help people to be healthy too," said Ms Iing Felicia Joe, Tzu Chi Early Childhood Principal.


The funds collected for Tzu Chi Hospital Indonesia are the result of teachers and students' own efforts from the Entrepreneur Day bazaar and auction activities last January. Aside from introducing and honing students' entrepreneurial skills, the bazaar and auction also helped remind students to show their gratitude and love towards others by donating the fund for charitable causes. 


Mr Sudino Lim, Tzu Chi School Director who also attended the donation ceremony, said we’re all one family. “This is such a great opportunity for us, we’re grateful for the chance to be able to contribute towards the hospital since Tzu Chi hospital is part of our family, so as one family I am hoping we can get to work further together.”


dr Santoso Kurniawan, MM, Head of Medical Affairs at Tzu Chi Hospital Indonesia expressed his gratitude for the kindness and attention of Tzu Chi Early Childhood towards the hospital. He praised this effort as a beautiful way of instilling Tzu Chi's compassionate mission ​from an early age, "Thank you for having such a kind-hearted intention to help others, this will make them be better for the future," said Dr. Santoso.


It is hoped that going forward the two missions can go hand in hand in guiding children to understand the importance of healthy living. "We certainly will be happy to support any health activities at school, because when one child is aware of the importance of healthy living, that child can be a good influence on the family and the environment," said dr Santoso.