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Middle Years Program Moving Up Ceremony AY 2020/2021

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Friday July 30th, 2021

  MYP Moving Up Celebration


“Over time, we can build great character,

achieve great success, and cultivate great virtue.”

Jing-Si Aphorism by Master Cheng Yen



Tzu Chi Secondary School is one of the few IB schools in Indonesia that is authorised to implement the Middle Years Program. MYP is a skill-based program designed to motivate students to achieve success in school and life beyond the classroom.


This year we are proud that we have sent another batch of Grade 10 with 134 students to advance for their (DP) Diploma Program. To celebrate their achievements, a virtual Moving Up Ceremony was held last 17th of June 2021. Students, parents and teachers celebrated the event with video performances, speeches and awards.


During the celebration, three students were given Best in Service as Action awards, another two students received Tzu Chi Character awards and finally, six students received overall Academic Excellence awards.


After completing a year of home-based learning, these students have conquered the challenges of learning remotely and also enjoyed the advantages and diversity of it. This could never be possible without the unconditional support of their parents and teachers.


Besides completing the school’s academic requirements, they also showcased their Personal Projects through a virtual exhibition. They worked tirelessly and independently while learning remotely.


Tzu Chi School is truly proud of this batch of Grade 10 students. Congratulations Grade 10 Batch 2020-2021 for being a victor in this uncertain time.


Maridol Delos Santos Bamba

Associate MYP Coordinator