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Secondary PE Classes Ensure Safety for All

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Friday June 5th, 2020

  PE Class


With this school year coming to an end, let’s take a look at how Secondary students enjoyed the Physical and Health Education (PHE) classes at home in the past two months. 


Ms Mariskha Primasari, Head of PHE Department in Tzu Chi Secondary School shared that students found the PHE classes to be fun and well. “We received some positive feedback from both students and parents, they enjoy body combat or yoga class at home,” she said.


Wendy Hendrian, a student from 8 Love said he found PHE classes to be fun since it let him to stay active while being at home. “We were told the five different components of fitness. I feel like today’s class was amazing and one of the best online classes we had because everybody was so active.”


Mr Bambang Prayitno, PHE Teacher at Tzu Chi Secondary School highlighted the importance of staying active at home, “Staying active is very necessary to support life and health in general, with or without a pandemic. Physical activity must be done regularly and continuously, our lessons really help students at home to maintain their body's need to stay fit.”


While receiving many positive feedback for the home-based learnings, PHE department is fully aware of the government's possible plan on reopening the school under the ‘New Normal Policy’. While other subjects maintain physical distance by organising chairs and tables, what would happen to sports classes? 


Ms Primasari said, “We at Secondary will be following the necessary health protocol as guided by Indonesian government and Ministry of Health,” she said. So far, the PHE department plans to:


  1. Implement physical distancing throughout class time

  2. Modify class materials to focus on individual activities to minimise physical contacts

  3. Create a few online-based programme for students 

  4. Adjust class timetable to avoid overcrowding in the school’s sports facilities (stadium/swimming pool)

Ms Primasari summed up by saying that, “We will try our best to cooperate with each other, within and out of our departments, to ensure optimal and safe sports activities in the new normal.”