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Primary School Teacher's Day

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Sunday October 27th, 2019

  Teacher's Day 2018

Tzu Chi Primary School once again paid tribute to its teachers on November 23 during the celebration of Teachers’ Day. In keeping with this year’s theme - Hollywood Hall of Fame, star cut-outs bearing the names of all teachers were placed along the main hallway of the lobby floor.
Students also expressed their love and gratefulness towards their teachers by posting hundreds of messages on the Gratitude Graffiti Wall. “It’s always so heartwarming to read thank you notes from students especially when they give us sweet and funny reasons for why they appreciate us,” said the teachers.
In the morning, the teachers were treated to a restaurant-style breakfast. Selected students happily took their orders and served cheese stick, sponge cake, lemper, coffee, tea, and soya milk. An hour-long and fun-filled program was held at the assembly hall where the school choir serenaded their teachers with the song ‘Flashlight.’ In return, the teachers brought the house down with a sensational dance number. Before the program came to a close, two Parent-Teacher Association representatives, Ms Eny Surya and Ms Nancy Streisand, honored 15 teachers with the “Kids’ Choice Awards” which selection process was done by students discreetly.
We are truly grateful towards our teachers for their continuous effort to strive for the betterment of our students. We also thank the Parent-Teacher Association for making this activity a memorable one.