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Philosophy, Mission and Vision

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The Basic Philosophy of Tzu Chi Education:

  1. The Noble Aspiration to create a noble human
  2. Guiding with truthfulness
  3. Building noble moral
  4. Educating good manners
  5. Bequeath the Truthful Path


  1. To promote 4 noble characters: “Compassion, Mercy, Joy and Unconditional Giving” as the school motto.
  2. To provide academic education and character building simultaneously in the learning process.
  3. To cultivate in scholarly education and morality based on humanism culture so that the students become professionals who possess compassion and noble character.
  4. To lay “noble character and science” as the foundation and dedication in the practice; doing it wholeheartedly and diligently to improve the ability for reaching the goal of creating a noble man.


  1. To extend education in the process of developing strong character with right virtues, noble morals and positive thinking.
  2. To lay the foundation for a complete education to create a wholesome individual, and also to create human resources with noble morality and competent skill.
  3. To carry out “Life Skills Education” with the management that holds firmly to compassion and education system that is based on morality values.
  4. To carry out humanity education, by applying 4 noble characters: “Compassion, Mercy, Joy and Unconditional giving” and also molding the character for living with “sincerity, truthfulness, faith, and purity”.
  5. To apply education with a broad mind to continue the noble aspiration in purifying human’s heart and creating a peaceful society.