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P4 Volunteer Activity – A Visit to Tzu Chi Recycle Station PIK)

Published on April 30, 2018, by in Articles News, Primary 4.

Every year the Ren Wen Department conducts a volunteer activity for Primary 4 students. This year at the end of term 3, all P4 students were given the opportunity to visit the PIK recycling station.

To ensure the effectiveness of this activity, P4 students were divided into four groups. Under the guidance of Tzu Chi Volunteers, students and teachers learned how to sort recyclable materials. Plastic bottles and paper are the most commonly used materials in daily life, so students need to know the recycling steps, and try to reduce the use of these items. Students performed all the steps in recycling plastic bottles, which included disposing any liquid remnants, removing the labels, separating the bottle caps, and flattening the bottles. Paper had to be divided into categories such as: magazines, newspapers, text books, and printing paper. All pages also had to be grouped by color. Every step is essential to make sure the recycled materials are ready to be sent to the factory for repurposing.

Before the visit, Ren Wen teachers provided some environmental awareness information for our students during their lesson time. They talked about how ocean pollution was getting worse, and that we all have a responsibility to take care of the environment. The simplest way to start this is to reduce, reuse, and recycle. To finish the event, students participated in a poster making activity to show what they had learned.

From the poster making competition and the recycling activities at the recycle stations, students showed that they had gained the knowledge and practical skills to become environmentally friendly. We hope that as a result of this activity, students will keep a ‘Go Green’ attitude in their daily lives!

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