Field Trip

Most people couldn’t wait for school field trip in their childhood. Boarding a bus with classmates for an out-of-school activity always made for a special day. Tzu Chi School believes that field trips are an important tool in learning.

Primary 1 to 5 students went to Kampung Wisata, Cinangneng in Bogor, West Java for their field trip this year. They were taken to visit several home industries. The goal of this activity was to develop students’ cultural awareness. Aside from that, they were expected to develop their spirit of nationalism by learning to make a traditional snack (kue bugis) and a traditional drink (wedang jahe). They also learned a traditional dance, played traditional musical instruments (angklung and gamelan), made paper puppets, and painted a traditional hat (caping).  Primary 4 and 5 students had the opportunity to plant crops and wash buffaloes. Although these activities made them wet and dirty, they became very excited!

We were thankful that after learning many things outdoors, we could return to school safely and happily. We hope that this enrichment field trip not only developed our students educationally and culturally, but also helped convey values for their future, and be kept in their memories.

By Ingenies Wijanarko

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