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IBDP CAS: What Our Graduates Say

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Monday June 29th, 2020

  IB CAS Activities

For our DP students, Creativity, Activity, Service (CAS) is something to look forward to because it allows them to channel their ideas into action and work together with their friends. As the school year comes to an end, our Grade 12 have shared some of their most memorable CAS’ experience. 


To Sofia, a  12 Respect student, one of her most memorable activities was the CAS project when they had to organise an interactive activity for students with and without Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (IDD). “Our purpose was to include people with IDD into our environment and break the barriers between people with and without IDD. From investigation until demonstration, we encountered a lot of challenges in every stage, but also gained a lot. We created friendship with our juniors and children with IDD.”


For Sofia, her CAS experience enabled her to get to know more about herself and broaden her horizons. “I had the opportunities to help the more underprivileged groups through CAS and turn my awareness into an action,” said Sofia.


Angela Fransisca Salim, also from 12 Respect, shared that, even though three years doesn’t seem to be long enough, she herself has gained so much from doing Service as Action and CAS since she started in Grade 10. During her CAS projects, Angela and her friends had the opportunity to teach in two different underprivileged schools in Jakarta. “It was a short period, but we could feel the joy the kids had when they studied and played with us. It was very touching and made me grateful for the privilege I have; to study in a better environment and the ability to pass on my knowledge to them.”


Jung Yeu Kim, or Kelly as she is known to her friends, from 12 Grateful, said her experience in doing CAS was an eye-opener. One of her most memorable CAS experiences was when she and her friends had to build a new library for students in Kamal Muara. “We were all a team, each of us having our own roles like for documentation or as treasurer,” she recalled. 


The money was funded through a number of events such as bazaars and competitions, which they managed to raise more than was needed. “The entire grade visited the village and did so much with them from playing games to singing to teaching. When I see how different our learning environment is, it was such an eye-opening experience. In school, we have 4 air conditioners, which is more than enough, but these kids only have one fan.”


When seeing all that, Kelly and her classmates realised how lucky they were as students. The ability to learn and hangout with friends in a comfortable environment is something that not everyone can have. 


Throughout the CAS activities, students are required to think critically when making decisions and work together as a team. Ms Mely Kartono, our CAS Coordinator elaborated how students’ experiences in doing CAS could benefit them later in life. 


“Students gain knowledge of different cultures and will be able to adapt in an unfamiliar environment due to involvement in different experiences.”


CAS also allows them to be aware of their strengths and improve their abilities in planning and decision-making. Through CAS, students will also be able to evaluate their own skills and discover a suitable career upon choosing their major for university.


“Students are more comfortable to work collaboratively and overcome challenges by understanding each other's ideas who have different perspectives which will enable them to adjust in different groups of people they encounter in the future.”


Looking back to her experience with the Grade 12, Ms Mely Kartono expressed how wonderful it was for her, “It was an amazing experience, we learn and gain ideas from each other which broadens our knowledge. There were times when they were doubtful and required guidance from me, which made me feel the trust between us. Students were actively involved in most of the activities and they enjoyed achieving the learning outcomes throughout which made me feel content. 


Kelly added, the CAS experience allows her to also spend more time and get to know her friends. “Other than helping the community, it also allowed me to create stronger bonds with my friends.”