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Grade 12 Online Assembly: Reminiscing the Good-old DP Years

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Tuesday June 16th, 2020

  Grade 12 Online Assembly

Be grateful when people try to hold your back, for without them, you would not develop the strength that enables you to move forward ~ Jing Si Aphorism by Master Cheng Yen


Graduation ceremonies for Class of 2020 may seem anticlimactic this year due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Yet, our Graduates of 2020 still crossed the finish line, defying the odds. This experience is hoped to not make them weak but instead, make them grow into an individual with strong characters. 


Nonetheless, high school years are once in a lifetime moments that ones always cherish and remember. A few Tzu Chi Secondary School Grade 12 students shared their thoughts on their final years, and how the lack of festivities make them even more grateful for all the moments that have been shared. For Kim Jung Yeu, a 12 Grateful student who is known as Kelly to her friends and teachers, she found her years studying in Tzu Chi School as a one-of-a-kind experience. Not only did she make new friends, she also found some great teachers whom she aspires to. 


Kelly will become one of the students inside the second batch of graduates. “As a new school, I know not everything is perfected yet but now that I am finished with school, those problems now seem like nothing.”


Given the Covid-19 pandemic, Kelly, like all other Tzu Chi students must stay at home and follow the home-based learning. This is surely nothing like what anyone expected for their final school years to be, “It robbed me off my final moments with my friends. I miss being in the school environment.”


Similar feelings were also expressed by Angela Fransisca, a 12 Respect student, she initially found the home-based learning to be challenging. “A lot of us feel the same way. We’ll miss our last days in school and the ability to say goodbye in person to our friends and teachers.”


Despite all these, Angela’s classmate, Sofia who also shared the same sentiment about being at home during her final school days made her appreciate what she’s had, “The fact that we won’t be able to spend the last moments of high school with our classmates makes me cherish the memories at school and miss the moments spent with friends more.”


Grade 12 Online Assembly


The Grade 12 Homeroom Tutors, Grade 12 Year Leader, Tzu Chi Secondary IB DP Coordinator, and Counseling Department at Tzu Chi Secondary School who have been watching and nurtured these students very closely inside the last two years, held an online assembly to show their appreciation for our Grade 12 students. 


The assembly was done online through Google Meet platform and rather casually but it was highly appreciated by our Grade 12. Mr Yosehan, Head of Counselling Department said, “This is just us coming together to congratulate you guys.”


Mr Bramantya Pribadi (G12 Respect Homeroom Tutor), Mr Resa Maradhona (12 Grateful Homeroom Tutor), and Ms Yani Susanti (G12 Year Leader), when recounting their memories with the Grade 12 students agreed in one thing, “Whatever the condition is, you guys are always able to find the joy and fun out of it.” 


Ms Kate Siaron, Tzu Chi Secondary School DP Coordinator also attended the meeting to greet the students. She shared that, “If we see our students succeed,  that’s when we feel successful.”


The assembly was held on 5 June, at 7:15 AM and attended by almost all students. We could see students also enjoyed using this time catching up with their classmates by teasing each other and recalling some old memories in the chat room. 


Angela previously had shared her appreciation towards the school, “Please send my deepest thank you to all teachers, staff, and the board. Even though some may not directly teach us, all teachers have worked together to make this year possible.”


She was also very thankful for the final assembly, “I think that the teachers who organized this online assembly are very thoughtful. It’s also very nice to see everyone for the very last time before I officially become an alumni of Tzu Chi School. I felt very grateful that the teachers are willing to spend some time to make our last assembly meaningful and memorable, and I want to thank them so much for it.”


Other Grade 12 students also shared some hearty comments during this assembly. Catherine Christabel (12 Grateful) expressed her gratitude and appreciation for the assembly and her teachers, “Thank you teachers for organizing this and taking the time to edit a tribute video for us, we're really grateful for everything you've done for us especially in the past year.”


Kim Sun Kyun (12 Respect) also expressed similar comments towards his friends and teachers, “I want everyone to know that the past four years have been special to me, they're  going to be a part of my life that I am unable to forget. It's thanks to all of you.”


Kelly summed up that the online assembly provided a closure for her that high school years are finally over. “Of course it can’t be equivalent to a graduation but I still appreciate the efforts from teachers, of which we are extremely grateful for.” 


Mr Bramantya Pribadi said, despite the pandemic, he reminds students to remain positive. “We think it’s a bad thing, but ‘bad’ or ‘good’ is just a matter of perspective. Sometimes, it just needs a positive perspective to change ‘bad’ into ‘good’.” 


Mr Pribadi realises it’s not an easy thing to do, it’s something to work for, strive for. “Positivity is something that you work, you fight, you build every single day inside and outside your mind. So, start to build it!”