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CNY Celebration: Every Day is a New Year

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Tuesday February 4th, 2020

  Primary CNY Celebration 2020

Lively Chinese New Year celebrations were felt at Tzu Chi Primary School on January 27, 2020. In celebrating Chinese New Year, Tzu Chi Primary School also invited parents of P2 and P3 students to watch acting, dance and song performances by our children at the International Jing Si Hall. 


Similar to the celebratory theme in Tzu Chi Early Childhood, the drama performances by P2 and P3 students focused on the history of the twelve zodiacs in the Chinese year. 


Our students performed very well using the Mandarin language. The PIC for this drama is none other than Wang Wen Chen, Head of the Chinese language department at Tzu Chi Primary School. "I purposefully chose a light and funny theme this year, so that the children would be happy and the audience would also be more entertained," said Wang Wen Chen.


For Wang Wen Chen himself, Chinese New Year celebration means wealth. "Not as in being rich financially but rich at heart. A happy and prosperous heart when gathering with loved ones," he said.


In Master Cheng Yen's video to welcome the new year, she reminded us to always spread love to others, regardless of the occasion. "We must assume every day is a new year, we must sincerely pray for one another." Wang Wen Chen agreed to this and also hopes that the message from Master Cheng Yen can be carried out in daily life, "It's wonderful if we can do this to everyone."


Clinton Rahardja, a P3 Grateful student who plays the character of the rat, said his involvement in the drama performance taught him a lot of things, from working hard during practice, to learning to work together while playing with friends.


"We learn, we play, while celebrating Chinese New Year with our friends too," he said. When asked about the meaning of Chinese New Year celebrations, Clinton replied, "Meeting the family. Families who are abroad or outside the city can come here, and the other way around to get together. "


In line with Clinton, Wang Wen Chen advised that the Chinese New Year celebration is more than just a festival. For him, besides keeping tradition, Chinese New Year is also the time to be grateful for the previous year and to gather with family. "Grateful to be able to celebrate together," he concluded.


Aside from drama performances by P2 and P3 students, Chinese New Year celebrations at Tzu Chi Primary school also includes Chinese chess competition for P6 students and other fun activities such as word games, calligraphy, and paper cutting games.