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Tzu Chi Secondary School Announces 25 Scholarship Recipients for 2020/2021

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Tuesday November 5th, 2019

  Scholarship recipients

After three-months’ long of selection process, Tzu Chi Secondary School delighted to announce the 25 scholarship recipients for Academic Year 2020/2021 at a formal Awarding Ceremony on 29 October 2019, at Jing Si Hall. 


The Tzu Chi Secondary School Scholarship Programme was initiated to recognize those students who are exceptional in academics and character, students who demonstrate qualities that deserve to be recognized and supported. The scholarship is given in 25% to 50% deduction of school fees for the next academic year. 


Mr Dominic Robeau, Secondary School Principal, praised the scholarship programme since it provides opportunities for students and encourages other students to aim high. These students are encouraged to not only continue to achieve in their academics but also acting as role models to other students, “The ability to show gratitude towards others, to respect those around them, and to act in ways which demonstrate a love for their community and beyond are all important aspects which we hope will grow in our students.”


Mr Sudino Lim, Tzu Chi School Director expressed his congratulations and highlighted the fact that aside from its academic results, but also non-academic aspects. “They need to become a school ambassador, as a school that puts ahead its humanistic value, and teach children to put importance in good manner, it is important for these scholarship recipients to achieve high academic results and show a great manner in school.” 


On this wonderful occasion, two of the scholarship recipients and two parents representatives also shared their gratitude through some speeches. 


Joan Phillipe Lo, Grade 6 student who’s granted a scholarship for Grade 7 next year said how thankful she was for the support given from her parents, teachers, and fellow students, as well as the school’s generosity. “Thank you for believing in our capabilities, thank you for believing in providing quality education for the youth and for allowing us to study within the Tzu Chi culture we love.”


For Cindy Suwito, a Grade 7 student who’s recently joined Tzu Chi School in this academic year, she had never thought she could make it this far, and she’s grateful for Tzu Chi’s kindness in providing equal opportunity for all, including her as a new student. “I am thankful for my parents for supporting me since day 1. Earning this scholarship definitely will encourage me to work harder in school, so that I could pursue my dream in a good university.” One thing that Cindy highlighted that day was to never give up on anything. “Nothing is over, until you let it be over. We are capable of surprising ourselves through our hard work and capabilities.”


Ms Olivia, mother of Regina Lucky Surjadi, shared her gratitude of the eight years she’s spent with Tzu Chi School, she’s impressed by how children are able to show Tzu Chi School’s value of gan en, zun zhong, ai. “I can see from Joan’s and Cindy’s speech, they remember to thank their parents. Also I hope our P5 students will try to get the scholarship, for P6 students who failed, don't give up!”


Ms Lenny Rovelensia, mother of Bryan Winsley Louwren is thankful for Tzu Chi Secondary’s scholarship programme and emphasized that, a scholarship is not only for its financial aspect but great to encourage students to strive higher. “They don’t get to work hard and be rewarded everyday, scholarship like this will encourage students to study harder, and it will become a place to prove themselves that they could achieve something with their own hard work.”


Scholarship recipients for Grade 7 Academic Year 2020/2021

Abigail    Hartono, Annabelle Clarissa Susanto, Ashley Fiona Tenady, Belinda Latief, Bella Eldora Zhang, Brandon Kenzie Leung, Brian Prasodjo, Eadbert Viktor, Isabel Salim, Isabella Ho, Joan Phillipe Lo, Kenisha Candrika Liaw, Nicholas Ignacio Willianto, Noni Emily Asian Ho, Odella Tricia Susanto, Regina Lucky    Surjadi, Teara Charlize Zhang, and Yiren Tiowijaya


Scholarship recipients for Grade 8 Academic Year 2020/2021

Bryan Winsley    Louwren, Cindy Suwito, Eileen Lee, Ethan Zen Khoe, Nathan Fangrand, and Wilberto Wijaya


Scholarship recipients for Grade 9 Academic Year 2020/2021

Charlene Kholia


In this moment of celebration, Tzu Chi Secondary School choir, with a melody played Mr Jan Imran, Tzu Chi Secondary Music Teacher, sang the song ‘Over the Rainbow’, in a hope to instill perseverance in children’s minds, so that students who have tried and failed, could get up and work harder and they shall see rainbows. Likewise, Master Cheng Yen said in one of her Jing Si Aphorism, “Dedication and perseverance are the keys to success in any field”.


Tzu Chi School was also very honoured to welcome the presence of our Tzu Chi School Board of Directors from Yayasan Buddha Tzu Chi Wiyata Indonesia, Mr Mansjur Tandiono and Ms Tinnie Tiolani to present the scholarship awards.