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Synergies on End of Term 3

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Monday June 5th, 2023

  Synergies on End of Term 3

It was with the synergy of the collaborative efforts of the departments of Science, Mathematics, Arts and Design, as well as the academic clubs and the Student Council that made the End of Term 3 activities extraordinary for this academic year 2022-2023.


During this 3-day event, the MYP students from grades 7 through 10 showcased their group project for the listed subjects above. The 7th graders constructed a Marble Roller Coaster, an Rube Goldberg Machines from the 8th graders, a Spaghetti Machine from the 9th graders; an interactive Chem Magic from Chemistry classes and a DNA extraction machine demonstration from the Biology classes of grade 10 -all of which were coalesced in accordance with the STEAM’s theme for this year, ‘connecting ideas through collaboration’, and with the sheer intent to display the students’ scientific, mathematical and design-related knowledge and skills.


Adding to the vibrance and vibes of this event, the arts students displayed their best art work ranging from paintings, drawings to 3D artifacts, while some of them put up several entertaining musical performances. Moreover, students who were scheduled to remain in their respective homerooms had undertaken the STEAM challenge of constructing a mini diorama (from recycled materials supplied by the Tzu Chi recycling depot) of an infrastructure that can possibly help ease certain environmental issues.


The DP students on the other hand had done their required academic tasks during this End-of-Term 3 period. The 11th graders who are taking Biology, Chemistry and Physics, Group 4 project was accomplished, while a fieldwork at Taman Wisata Alam Angke Kapuk (Mangrove Resort) was conducted by the ESS students. Alongside this, the entire 12 graders spent their schooling hours at the learning center to complete their IAs.