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Learning in the Classroom and Beyond

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Tuesday January 10th, 2023

  Literacy Day Celebration 2022

Learning in the Classroom and Beyond 

The Tzu Chi Secondary School Literacy Day Celebration 2022


The Tzu Chi Secondary School celebrated its Literacy Day on October 24, 2022 with the theme “Learning in the Classroom and Beyond.” Our students and teachers donned their genre-based costumes, did dramatic presentations of literary works and films, read books to kindergarten students and engaged in silent reading. Our Learning Centre also hosted several activities such as the TCS Book Fair and open mic sessions where students did poetry reading, stand-up comedy and acoustic performances.  


The class winners of the costume competition and oral presentations received certificates and vegetarian pizzas for all class members to enjoy. The winners also shared their food with other classes and teachers – a clear display of initiative, gratitude and respect among our students. With or without prizes, our students always give their best foot forward in school events such as this. Our Literacy Day celebration was indeed a perfect and successful opportunity to promote lifelong learning and to rekindle community spirit in the midst of the pandemic.