Influencing Others With Love: Tzu Chi School Inspires PRISSAAP

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Monday July 29th, 2019

  prissaap school visitation

On Thursday, 25 July 2019, Tzu Chi School PIK received a school visit from the Private School and School Administrators Association of the Philippines (PRISSAAP), headed by PRISSAAP’s President, Ms Ramonette Olandesca. 

Tzu Chi School’s Director Mr Sudino Lim delivered a warm welcome speech, followed by Marketing and Admission Manager Mr.Antonius, who explained briefly on Tzu Chi School’s history in Indonesia and its philosophy. Respective principal of Tzu Chi Secondary, Primary, and Early Childhood, as well as Head of Departments of Secondary were also present to welcome the delegation.

Ms Olandesca in her speech said, "PRISSAAP came here not only to learn from you, but to also share our knowledge and efforts that I think can also be beneficial for your school, such as our students’ training and capacity building programme.’ 

Ms Palaran Algar, Advisor of PRISSAAP explained her organisation’s mission to become a gateway for educators to leading, learning, and loving. 

Becoming an Inspiration to others

Ms Ramonetta Olandesca felt so inspired by Tzu Chi School, when she saw the teachers and students’ discipline and respect during and in between classes. She highlighted how this school gives hope for humanity, ‘When I try to do things, I sometimes think, “why I am alone in this philosophy?”, so when I reach out and see this school are able to do what they’re doing, I will tell people that people are doing this (good deeds) here. When I feel your sincerity and passion, I know that at the end of the day, we all can be connected with love,’ 

Likewise, Ms Algar also learned many things from Tzu Chi School to be brought home for educators in the Philippines, ‘Seeing your classes here, I know that we have to emphasize to our educators and learners the importance of self-discipline and respect,’ she said. 

This statement was also felt by one of the Philippines students, Paulo, admired the discipline of Tzu Chi’s students and would love to have the same kind of discipline back in his school, ‘It’s so difficult to apply this in the Philippines,’ 

Friendly Football Match

At the end of the visit, Tzu Chi Secondary School hosted a friendly football match between our Secondary students and student members of PRISSAAP's. The match took place at the school's stadium on a sunny afternoon and were attended by excited parents and classmates. 

Our students were honoured to play against prominent football players from Cagayan de Oro’s Little Me Academy team. Ms Mariskha, Tzu Chi Secondary Head of PE Department said winning was not the most important goal, ‘The most important thing for the kids today is to play, the goal here is for them to enjoy the game,’ Both teams demonstrated outstanding performances, resulting with the end score of 2–4 to the Philippines team. 

Mr Dominic Robeau, Head of Secondary School expressed his gratefulness for PRISSAAP and hope that what Tzu Chi School is doing can be a useful model for others. ‘It was very gratifying to see that what we do can be used as a model for other educators and teachers in other parts of the world,’ he said. This reminds us with one of Master Cheng Yen’s Jing Si Aphorisms that says ‘With love in our hearts, we can act as a positive influence on others’