Humanistic Culture as a Foundation for Children’s Future Growth

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Monday October 28th, 2019

  School Year 2019-2020

‘Nurture a loving heart from young, so that they will not grow up to have a deviant character easily, and thus creating problems in society’ Jing Si Aphorism by Master Cheng Yen.

Every year, Tzu Chi School steadily grows bigger by the number. With the increased number of students in Academic Year 2019/2020, Tzu Chi School is pleased to welcome new teachers and new parents. Both new teachers and parents are excited to work hand-in-hand facilitating students in grabbing new opportunities and overcome new challenges with gratitude, respect, and love. 

One of Tzu Chi’s unique features is its Ren Wen class, which teaches the basic principle of life in accordant to Tzu Chi Humanistic Value. Parents are sending their children to Tzu Chi School with a wish for their children to achieve both academic excellence and great character with well-manners, politeness, and respect to others.  

New Parents’ Aspirations

Ms Alina, 35, parents of Adelline from N2 Joy, said she sent her daughter to Tzu Chi because she realises the importance of a moral education to support academics teaching for her daughter to survive in the community. 

Similar comments were also delivered by new parents of Secondary student, Ms Jenny Wang, 46, ‘I am sending my daughter to Tzu Chi because I want my daughter to grow up into a woman with good manners, with filial piety to her parents. I hope through this school, she can find herself useful in society.’ In Tzu Chi Secondary School, Tzu Chi’s mission and culture is also supported by International Baccalaureate curriculum which emphasises on children’s way of thinking to become open-minded, caring, and knowledgeable, among others. 


A Living Testament of Tzu Chi’s Humanistic Culture

Conny, 31, parents of Richie Layson (K2) and Renzo Layson (N2) highlighted the importance of humanistic class for children since the early years, ‘We know that’s what people come here for (humanistic culture class), to be honest, I can really feel the difference with my first kid, he used to be very hyper and naughty, he does things when he wants it, how he wants it… but now, his misbehaviour has toned down. I was so surprised when I see he actually listens to people.’ 

Similar trait is also seen in Tzu Chi Primary school, one of the Primary teachers, Ms Lin Kuan Yin has experienced teaching in other Tzu Chi School, namely, Tzu Chi School Chiang Mai and Tzu Chi School Taiwan. ‘Tzu Chi kids all over the world are behaving the same way, I am happy to see that,’

For Tzu Chi new student like Richelle, who is now in P1 Honesty, expressed how happy she is, now that she’s a part of Tzu Chi School family. ‘I am so happy here, the lao shi is very nice and kind, everyone here is very kind, I have so many friends!’ Richelle’s classmate, Maxwell, said he likes Tzu Chi School because of the school’s mission, ‘I like it here because Tzu Chi help others, and elders. I want to help others.’

Tzu Chi School’s effort in building children’s character from a young age is a reflection of Master Cheng Yen’s teaching of nurturing young children. Tzu Chi School hopes to continue building the foundation of children’s good character through the education provided in the Early Childhood to Secondary.  

By Chrestella Budyanto

Tzu Chi School Journalist