School CSR : Teacher Professional Development

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Tuesday November 6th, 2018

  CSR: Teacher Professional Development

School CSR : Teacher Professional Development

by : Iing Felicia Joe

High-quality teaching is vital for pupils’ success. Teachers are assets for their respective
schools. Great teachers help create great pupils.
The vision of 100 years of Indonesia’s anniversary target is to organize programs to increase the
capability and professionalism of educators and to have sustainable Early Childhood education
personnel. Those competencies have to be carried out through professional development,
training, or apprenticeship.
Aligning with government expectations; as As a part of the a community in North Jakarta, Tzu
Chi School aims to take responsibility in developing teachers’ competencies for contributing
their best knowledge and educating pupils to their maximum potentials.
This year oOur CSR (corporate service responsibility) this year was to hold a 5- full- day’s
training for Early Childhood Teachers in Kecamatan Penjaringan and as well as also from Bogor,
Tangerang, and Karawang from September 3 to September -7, 2018. The number of
participants were 44 teachers.
We invited speakers from DIKMAS, Chairman of Himpaudi, Save the Children, and others.
Besides all related Early Childhood related topics, we shared our Ren Wen philosophy to help
them understand about our humanistic lesson. “Let go affliction and attachment, make every
effort to dedicate one’s ability” (Jing Si Aphorism Master Cheng Yen)
To follow up their understanding and how they implement the knowledge, we do follow up
randomly by visiteding their school and checkeding their individual assignment. The Ttotal
hours time to finish the training iwas 210 hours, excluding time for paperworks.
We also would also like to thank parents for their contribution and support to make this event a
great success due towith the money fund collected during our Entrepreneur day and Auction
day in April 2018.

Iing Felicia Joe