K2 - Moving Up Celebration

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Monday August 20th, 2018

  Enjoying their lunch together with friends and teachers.

On Friday, May 18, we had a small celebration for our K2 students and teachers. This activity was to celebrate their going up to the next level, and the last get together with their friends and teachers as K2 students.

As we know, home time is usually at 12 noon, but on this special day, the students went home at 3pm. So, at noon, instead of getting ready to go home, they had lunch together, then prepared their class for nap time. Yes! They took their nap at school for an hour!

Before napping, they cleaned the classroom, changed their clothes, and prepared their sleeping bags. The teachers also read them some “nap time” stories.

After waking up from their nap, they played some games and ate their afternoon snack before finally getting ready to go home.

We could see from their faces that they really enjoyed the activities. All went home with a big smile and hopefully a wonderful memory to share for years to come.

By Wida Maryani