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Friday October 18th, 2019

  Friday Exercise

Every Friday morning, all EC teachers and staff have a short exercise at 7.15 AM in the butterfly garden. The exercise is led by Wen Jing Laoshi.

Why is it important to exercises in the morning?

First, the fresh air in the morning provides a lot of oxygen to the body, helping the mind to become refreshed and calm. When breathing fresh, unpolluted air, the body and mind are fresher. 

Second, the morning air, which is rich in oxygen, greatly helps the mind and body repairing process. The morning atmosphere is very calm and the fresh air makes your brain more relaxed so that it reduces the risk of prolonged stress. Morning exercise can facilitate the flow of blood that carries oxygen to the brain, a brain that has enough oxygen will find it easier to focus. If you exercise in the morning, your body is fully awake to do daily routines and your brain is also more focused.

In addition, when we exercise, the body will produce endorphins. Endorphins are substances such as morphine produced by the body that makes a person happy, while also increases immunity.

So, basically early exercises will reduce stress and depression. You will feel much better throughout the day since this condition helps people become more prepared to face challenges or stresses during the day. When exercise is done at night, it will make the body temperature rise and can interfere with sleep. With morning exercise, it will be much more difficult for you to feel down and anxious even after a long day, as morning exercise improves mood and energy afterward.