A Vision for the Future

Leaning is the core business of schools. No-one disputes the importance of building skills, knowledge and attitudes. Schools pride themselves on having an articulated programme that prepares students for future success. However, increasingly society is appreciating that learning is a holistic experience; that values and morals are important in developing young people and achieving success academically.

At Tzu Chi we call this character building, which is centered around humanistic values. Exploration of concepts like Respect, Gratitude and Service to others enables young people to develop a love of themselves, their family, their peers and their society. And, when they graduate they not only have a determination to challenge inequality in the world but wish to take steps to counter differences and global issues. As an IB World School, Tzu Chi Secondary School has committed itself to deliver a world class high quality education, linked equally with a humanistic experience to nurture our future leaders.

In this event - “A Vision for the Future” - we shall share with you our commitment and our vision, and by so doing begin the process of working positively with our community for the betterment of the next generation, and for a better future society. 
We look forward to hearing your views and welcome the opportunity to start a positive relationship through an inspiring educational movement.